Zypi established in 2016 by a group of people experienced in outdoor and textiles industry. The idea developed many years ago, transformed in to the product become a brand for a people with high expectations. Our goal is to create new technologies, focus on innovations and offer superior quality to our clients . Every garment is made with passion and conside a purpose to resolve different issue, in different climate conditions, by different users. We care about all details and respect human body needs. Every day we work to improve our products, we research, develop, create new level of comfort and stay focused on function! 

Who we are

CEO: ZYPI brand was created by its CEO Piotr Zygan, sport enthusiast. After he finished his football experience, he was involved in several textile projects in Europe and worked in global companies bringing textile solutions to the market. As an ambitious person he decided to build his own company based on previous experiences. By combining together the first letters of his name ZY-gan PI-otr he created a ZYPI brand name, which is connecting his personality with a high end function.    

Zypi philosophy

ZYPI brand is established for those who love nature and unlimited freedom of movement, to enjoy the passion for sports and wear what respects human body needs. We are committed to comfort, performance and aesthetic design to satisfy our customers. Our goal is to research, develop and produce all our garments is Europe using local resources and suppliers. All components used for our products from treads to packaging are European origin. For us it’s very important to keep the eye on where the product is coming from and keep the quality under control. We discover new solutions, discipline and non compromise  quality and stay focused on function!  

Contact us

We would welcome your ideas and feedback. Please use the contact details below.

For all questions about orders or general enquiries please contact:

Laziska 57a
59-700 Boleslawiec

+48 504 156 775  Mobile
+48 665 693 702  Office